When should I spay or neuter my puppy?

As per the Health Warranty and Purchase Agreement, the dog must be spayed or neutered by seven months of age. We recommend that the procedure be done between five and seven months. If a male dog is not neutered by seven months, he could start to lift his leg to potty and to chase after females in heat. If a female dog is not spayed by seven months, she could start her heat cycle and may be very unruly for the month leading up to it.

We do not spay or neuter our puppies at a young age because our experiences have been that it sets the pups’ weight gain back a week, which cannot be good during this rapid growth period. Keeping the puppies’ nutrition level up is a huge concern of ours, and we do not feel that young puppies have sufficient body weight to sustain lower levels of food consumption following the procedure. That being said, the research on early spaying and neutering has been inconclusive, so discuss the options with your vet and make the decision with which you’re most comfortable.

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